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What it means to love and serve others

At Shelter’s 40th reunion, we reflected on all the acts of love and bravery over these years. All enabled through the love of God.

Wow! It was a huge blessing for all of us who were able to be a part of the Shelter’s 40th reunion. It was fun to see everything come together so nicely after several months of preparations. One of the best things about the weekend was hearing stories from former staff members who served here during the 70s and 80s.

One impressive story was from a man who worked at the Shelter Jordan (formerly Eben Haezer) during the early 70s. He described an evening when some robbers came into the hostel. They took money from him, and then tied him up to a toilet. Somehow, he was able to pull the toilet right out of the floor and get the attention of a guest who then untied him. He still had clippings of this story from newspapers it featured in.

Although some things have changed over the years, everybody who has served in the Shelter has a special bond. Sure there are fascinating stories about robberies and other interesting mishaps. However the truly touching stories are about how God has changed so many lives through the Shelter. Both guests and staff members have grown in their personal relationships with God. New staff members continue to come and learn what it means to love and serve others in practical ways, just as so many people before them have done. Through our shared experiences which now stretch over four decades, we have formed a special bond! We are the Shelter family-brothers and sisters in Christ.

We thank God for blessing this ministry and for continuing to use this place to bring people closer to Him.