This Christian gap year for God has given me so much. It was a great volunteering experience for me. I have definitely grown in my relationship with Him. And I have experienced how telling about Jesus affects peoples lives on a deep level and changes their hearts. Having the opportunity of telling people each day about Jesus and His infinite love for us, was the best way of spending my gap year and my time in the ministry.

Sarah (19, Germany) about her volunteering experience in Amsterdam

Volunteering experience

In our ministry, we do not just focus on practical service and reaching out to the guests in our hostels. In everything we do, we want to equip and prepare you for a life of ministry and service. Especially we want to help you to grow in your relationship with God and grow in the identity you have in him. According to our volunteers, our Ministry Training Program, community and ways that we share the gospel all contribute to this volunteering experience. Volunteers often express their enthusiasm for our volunteer program. Therefore, we asked some former staff members how they are looking back to the time they were involved in our ministry. On this page we share their volunteering experience.

Mission experiences from volunteers

Volunteering experience: the richness of living in a community

Volunteering experience: the richness of living in a community

I experienced the value and richness of living in a community and developing deep friendships that will last a lifetime. Through all the various roles and activities within the hostel ministry, I grew so much and in ways I never would have expected. Though I was challenged in many ways, but was always surrounded with encouragement and support. In fact, I came at a time where I was really drained from a busy life at home. Nevertheless as soon as I landed in the community, almost immediately I began to feel refreshed and alive in God. All because of the environment of this place. I grew so much closer to God again. This entire experience has been really valuable to me.

  • Janea (19, Canada) volunteered for 6 months at the Shelter City
Volunteering experience: A transformative, challenging and beautiful experience

Volunteering experience: A transformative, challenging and beautiful experience

Basically, if you are passionate about evangelism and can commit a good chuck of your time to this ministry, it is bound to be a transformative, challenging and beautiful mission experience. Regardless of your background, the Shelter is a time to start a fresh chapter of serving Christ in your life, where you will belong to a community of brothers and sisters in God. Acceptance and friendships define your time at home, and the daily shifts at your hostel will give you purpose and an avenue to share the gospel with those who need it. Without a doubt the Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry is a great place to either dip your toe or jump fully into the world of Christlike service. Good luck and hold Jesus close!

  • Carson (19, USA) volunteered at the Shelter City for 3 months

Mission experience

"So many reasons to get involved in this ministry!"

"So many reasons to get involved in this ministry!"

Why I could recommend volunteering at the Shelter? In fact, there are so many reasons! To sum up some of them:

  • of spiritual growth
  • you are surrounded by Christians in a loving community
  • of interactions with people from different cultures and with different personalities
  • you can explore your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • it is so much fun
  • you learn a lot at the Ministry Training Program.
  • the many challenges, f.e. rethinking about your (Christian) viewpoints
  • God is moving and working in the hostels
  • you can grow in evangelism, without having a confronting evangelism style.

All things considered, I can do nothing else than recommending to volunteer here. In any case you will have a mission experience of a lifetime!

  • Achim (26, Germany) volunteered at the Shelter Jordan for 12 months

Simone from South-Africa about her mission experience

Volunteering experience: Growth

Volunteering experience: Growth

To summarize my Shelter time in one word: Growth. To illustrate this growth: I'm learning more about God's character, how to fearlessly love the people I encounter, how to build up my brothers and sisters in Christ and how to live out my identity. The Shelter has provided me a safe place to seek God, ask questions, receive love, challenge myself, invite people into a life with Jesus and rest in his promise. After 12 months of being here, I have learned more than I ever could have imagined and my faith is so much more mature than it was when I first arrived. So I'd tell anyone to come check out the Shelter. God bless you.

  • Nicole (19, USA) volunteered at the Shelter Jordan for 12 months

Mission experience

So many reasons to volunteer here!

So many reasons to volunteer here!

So, the time I spent at the Shelter really changed my life for the better. The community I found myself in welcomed me with open arms and very quickly I felt at ease.Without reservation I would recommend volunteering at the Shelter if you want to grow in faith, and if you want to learn more about yourself. The work we do is amazing and I've made memories, friends and a growth I’ll never forget.

  • Yannick (18, Netherlands) volunteered at the Shelter Jordan for 3 months
Mission experience: Work with great people who love Jesus

Mission experience: Work with great people who love Jesus

In short: I loved working in the Shelter. In the first place because you grow so much on a personal level and in your faith. Secondly because you can gain work experience in the hostel itself. There are many different shifts such as working at the reception, working in the cafe, cooking for the team etc. I think there is something for everybody. Another key point is that this work all happens in a safe environment. You get to work with great people who love Jesus. At the same time you live in a community where you have time to seek God and to build friendships. I like the combination of learning the theoretical input in the Ministry Training Program and putting it into practice in the hostels when you work. So I felt very well guided through this time, also because of the prayer mentor every volunteer gets. You have somebody to process with, which is great!

  • Lydia (24, Germany) volunteered for 3 months at the Shelter City

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