Christian volunteer work
in Amsterdam

Most volunteers at the Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry join us, because we offer a great program for Christian volunteer work abroad. Some want to take a break from school, others are looking for mission opportunities before they start their career. The Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry gives you a chance to learn more about yourself, about God and about people and how to bring these two together.

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Long term volunteer work

The type of volunteering work at the Shelter varies depending on the amount of months you are staying. If you have the time, join our ministry for 4 up to a whole gap year. You may learn to work at the reception desk and might have the opportunity to work as a cleaner supervisor. We do not expect you to come in knowing everything; we merely hope that you’ll be eager to share Christ while learning new things, stepping out of your comfort zone and growing in your faith.

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Short term mission work

If you come for only 1 to 3 months, you will be working in various café and kitchen shifts. Ideally, we would like volunteers to serve for 3 months or longer. Would you like diving deeper into faith and core matters of the gospel? And do you have time? We often see that volunteers want to extend their stay after a few months of serving. Consider staying longer on forehand: you won’t regret!