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Are you looking for awesome volunteer opportunities abroad in which you can step out of your comfort zone and grow in your personality? Would you like to serve God and be of use in a practical way? Would you like to share his love with people from all over the world? Maybe our volunteer program is exactly what you are looking for! For the past 50 years we have been offering volunteer positions in our two Christian hostels in Amsterdam. Through hospitality we want to share God’s love among the 40.000 travelers that stay in our hostels every year.

General information about our volunteer program

Though people stay for different amounts of time, all volunteers follow the same volunteer program. No matter if you are interested in short term volunteer opportunities abroad or long term volunteer opportunities abroad. Because all volunteers work in the hostels and live in our community house. In short: everyone works five to six days a week in the hostels, about five hours a day. Volunteers get scheduled for various practical shifts and activities. However we make a slight distinction between short term and long term volunteering. The longer you stay, the broader your range of responsibilities. For example, you may learn to work at the reception desk, be a small group leader, organize several evangelism activities or work as a cleaner supervisor. We do not expect you to come knowing everything; we merely hope that you’ll be eager to learn and to share Christ.

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Overview of our volunteer opportunities:

Short term volunteer opportunities (1 to 3 months)

Volunteers interested in our short term volunteer opportunities will be working mainly in the café. I.e. preparing food, serving guests, and being a great host by creating a welcoming atmosphere. Through interaction with the guests, there are many opportunities to share God’s love. In our Ministry Training Program, you will be trained on both practical and spiritual topics. During the first two months the lessons are more practical: you learn how to share God’s love and how to lead different hostel activities. Later, from the third month on, you will dive deeper into topics on faith. Important to realize on forehand: volunteers often want to extend after a few months of serving. So if you have time, consider staying longer beforehand: you won’t regret!

Our short term volunteer opportunities offer you the chance to:

  • Try out living abroad in an international community
  • Learn how to share your faith with non-Christians
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Grow in your relationship with God

Summer volunteer opportunities (1 to 2 months – Europeans only!)

Are you looking for summer volunteer opportunities? Do you want to serve God in a foreign country during your break from school? We offer summer volunteer opportunities for young Christians (age 18 to 30) with a European passport. This summer volunteer program is created for people who want to volunteer abroad in the summertime and share God's love in an international setting. Every year we have about one to three people who volunteer in our ministry for one to two months during our high season. They often see our ministry as a perfect place to fulfill their goal of a mission trip abroad.

If you are looking for summer volunteer opportunities or summer missions in which you can share God’s love with people from all over the world, we might be the perfect place for you! We only offer a few positions, so please send an e-mail to hello@youthhostelministry.org to check out if we have still have availability!

Long term volunteer opportunities (4 to 12 months)

When you decide to do volunteer work for a longer period you will get to know the ministry in a deeper way. Besides working various café and kitchen shifts, long term volunteers (4-12 months) will get the opportunity to work at the reception desk, become a leader of their small group, or even work with the cleaning team as cleaner supervisor. You develop skills in different areas, such as improving your communication skills, learning from different cultures, leading a team or small group and growing in your Bible knowledge. We want our volunteer organization to be a place where you can have the chance to grow and discover your unique gifts. We encourage you to use your gifts, such as photography, writing, ministry promotion, leading worship, and so forth.

Gap year: volunteer opportunities for high school students

Lots of volunteers choose to serve in our ministry during their gap year as a break from school. Some of them do at least five months of volunteer work, others even more than a year. Would you like to spend your gap year volunteering abroad as well? Step out of your comfort zone, and spend your gap year in Amsterdam! Dive deeper into topics on faith and core matters of the gospel, serve God in a practical way and learn more about cultures through interactions with people from all over the world.

We offer you the chance to:

  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Deepen your friendships
  • Grow in responsibility and leadership
  • Learn how to share your faith with non-Christians in a culturally sensitive way
  • Experience community-living like in the New Testament
  • Experience the richness of cultures through living and working with people from all over the world

Read more about our gap year program here.

Ministry Internship

Are you are a student pursuing a degree in Mission Work, Theology, or attending a Bible School? And are you looking for a ministry internship? Consider doing your internship at one of our Christian hostels in Amsterdam! Learn (more about) how to share God's love with our hostels guest and grow in your personal faith together with other Christians. You can find everything you need to know about our ministry internship here.

Find volunteer opportunities abroad

We know it can be hard to find volunteer opportunities abroad. But we believe we offer an experience you will never forget. No matter if you are looking for volunteer opportunities for high school students or if you are looking for summer volunteer opportunities as a break from your work. We are a diverse group that is unified in Christ. But all volunteers have this in common: they are all between 18 and 30 years old, have a desire to grow in their faith and want to learn how to share it with others. No matter what your background is: we believe we offer the best volunteer opportunities abroad you will find.

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