Your organization offers a “Christian gap year” opportunity. But, what is a gap year?

What is a gap year?

Maybe you have read the information on our website. But maybe you are wondering: “What is a gap year?”.

A gap year is any year between educational transitions. People take gap years after graduating high school, in between university, during their studies, or right after they graduate. In this “year”, you can take time away from your education to pursue something different. We see it as an experience of a lifetime. It’s a unique opportunity to take a little detour from your regular life. And do things you’ve always dreamed of but never had the chance to do. For example exploring new countries, meeting people from all over the world, do volunteering work or work abroad. Or learn new things by taking a course or classes. Traveling also helps you to improve your English or learn a new language.

Our ministry in Amsterdam is a great place to spend your gap year. First of all, because you will become part of an international community of young Christians. Secondly, through this community, the Shelter is a place where you have the opportunity to grow in your personality and to discover your unique gifts. You will grow in your faith and gain life experience with over people who chose to do (part) of their Christian gap year at the Shelter. Come and spend your Christian gap year at the Shelter! Experience ministry and life in Amsterdam, live in an international community, grow in your faith, and share Christ with others. Read more about our gap year opportunities here!