Type of work – What kind of tasks will I do as a volunteer?

To give you a impression of the type of work in the hostel, you could first of all check out the video at our homepage. As a volunteer you will start working shifts in the hostel café. Therefore you will do tasks like preparing food, serving guests, and being a great host. Probably your most important task here is to create a loving and welcoming atmosphere. If you stay with us from four months up to a year, the type of work will vary. You will become part of our receptionist team. Also you could improve your leadership skills as supervisor in our cleaning ministry. There are many opportunities to share Christ by connecting with our guests.

Evangelism and activities

We will train you to lead different activities that fit to the people we want to reach. Examples of such activities are: Hostel Night, City Walk, Bible Inspiration Time, Open Mic Night etc. During your shift you will have enough time to share the Gospel.

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