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Truly a shelter

I can honestly say that there is no better way to describe the Shelter than as a shelter. They took me in when I needed a place to stay and they accepted for who I am and I’m more than grateful for that. They were there in moments of happiness and moments of sadness.

My stay here felt like a journey, a journey throughout the Bible, life, people and Amsterdam. Seeing people come and go is of course never easy, but it teaches us to appreciate those little moments that might say so little but mean so much. Last but not least I want to say thanks to the hostel for being so friendly, open, welcoming, warm… I think we might have got the friendly features covered now.

Anyway, if you have visited this place before then you will surely know what I’m talking about, if you’re thinking of visiting this place, however, being a bit skeptical about the whole Christianity thing. Trust me when I say that this hostel will never force you but try to convince you and they to that in a most admirable way.

So, dear Shelter, keep on spreading God’s love. Greetings, Karelle.