theRIVER community: backpacker ministry around the world

Are you currently involved or interested in ministry to backpackers? Do you desire to see God’s kingdom built among this growing nomadic community? Imagine a global movement of Christian hostels and backpacker ministry, sharing the Gospel with backpackers from all nations.

theRIVER community

The Shelter hostels in Amsterdam are part of a network of communities that share the same vision: theRIVER. What connects us all? We are:

  • Communities devoted to following Jesus
  • Immersed in the traveler scene
  • Intentionally creating space for ourselves, and fellow travelers to explore the Christ path

Backpacker ministry

First of all, theRIVER communities around the world create space for travelers to experience God – everything from guesthouses, cafés, hostels, to meditation spaces. Also, theRIVER connects, supports and inspires these communities to grow, work together, and even start new communities. Together we build many places on earth where travelers can explore the love of Jesus. Most of all, the idea is to create a flow of backpackers, going from place to place, who experience and getting to know Jesus better as they go.

Connecting ministries

We believe that the communities can help each other a lot. Because we can face challenges and come up with solutions together. Besides that, people who dream of one day starting a community with the same vision, can jump in and learn from others who have gone before them. We believe that connecting is the way to continue the process of travelers getting to know Jesus. This journey often starts in our hostel ministry in Amsterdam.

Want to get involved?

In our ministry in Amsterdam, we often get people who can’t volunteer with us. Sometimes because they can’t get a visa, they are older than 30 years old, or we are full. Are you one of them? You could volunteer with some other ministries! Are you curious where else in the world you could share the gospel through Christian hospitality and community? Check out the theRIVER facebook page!