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The privilege of serving

Serving and working at one of the greatest Christian Hostels as an internship for my studies: this has been my privilege this year and I wanted to share a little bit about my experience.

Since September 2011 I work at the Shelter Jordan while studying theology in Ede, a city in the east of the Netherlands. And it is great! I can’t think of a better place… I have the opportunity to live in an international community with 20 other people, to meet people at the hostel from all over the world and to explain the gospel to those people. Serving others and sharing God’s love not only with words, but first of all through actions, is so uplifting.

Of course there are also challenges: how exactly do I explain what I believe to somebody who did not grow up in a Christian family, who is not familiar with all the words we as Christians use, who is not familiar with the amazing concept of grace? What is the core of what I believe and why is it relevant for everybody? Is Jesus really the only Truth and the only Way to God? Questions like these will come up when you work here in the Shelter. I appreciate this, because it deepens my faith. It makes me dependent on God: I really can’t do it on my own. It is His work in the hearts of the guests and He chooses to use me!

The Shelter is a great place to experience and share God’s love for us through Jesus. God is great, let’s share that with everyone who wants to listen!

-Neelke de Fijter.