Say Hi to our House Parents!

There is a caring married couple who takes care of the Christian community and all the volunteers who live in the community house.  They pay attention to the spiritual and personal life of each volunteer along with the practical aspects of maintaining the house.  Let us introduce you to Hans and Marlies, our house parents!  An extremely passionate couple that is of great value in the community.

How Hans and Marlies became house parents

Hans was a manager at the Shelter Hostels in 2004.  Back then, he and his wife Marlies were already interested in serving God through being house parents. Since then, they have worked with OM Ireland and then lived in the south of Holland for a few years.  In 2013 they felt it was God’s timing for them to become house parents in the Youth Hostel Ministry.  They “laid out the fleece” and saw confirmation from God over and over.

True passion for our volunteers

Now they’re here, and their passion for every volunteer (called “staff member”) is obvious.  They are always around whenever you need them. Whether you want to hang out in the office and chat, visit their cozy apartment for a deep conversation, pray, or just goof around.  They’re always welcoming, and they really create a loving, vulnerable atmosphere in the house.

The main vision that Hans and Marlies have for the house is that we will be a Christ-centered community.

Atmosphere of prayer and worship

They are always praying for the community and for the hostels, and they create an atmosphere of prayer and worship in our house.  They long to draw people into God’s presence and to keep us focused on the One who called us all here and holds our community together in His love.  They’re also physically creating more space for us to be with God, in the form of a new prayer room in the house.

Lots of space for personal growth

Hans and Marlies are constantly finding ways to empower each individual and bring out their gifts and talents.  They help equip leaders in the house, while still giving plenty of space for individuality and growth.  They play an important role in supporting the small group leaders, and they also mentor several people in the house.  I know for myself, that Hans and Marlies have really encouraged me and supported me in my role as an occasional worship leader in the community.  And I know, with lots of people, they are bringing unknown gifts to life!

Hans about being house parents of the community

“In only five years, we have had around 400 people move through the community. That is a lot of meeting new people to pour Christs love into and see them grow! We see this as a great privilege of our calling. We love the ministry, we love seeing God at work in so many different ways. The greatest examples of how God is moving in the community, is when volunteers get baptized. When they really dedicate their lives to Jesus. We are very blessed to be involved and to see these things happen!”