Looking for a Ministry internship?

For Christians with a calling to become a missionary, we offer a perfect opportunity to grow in experience: a ministry internship. Are you are a student pursuing a degree in Mission Work, Theology, or attending a Bible School? And are you looking for a ministry internship abroad? Consider doing your ministry internship at one of our Christian hostels in Amsterdam!

Practical work combined with missionary work

Christian hostels? That's right! We have two Christian hostels located in the heart of Amsterdam: Shelter City and Shelter Jordan. Generally we offer a low-budget accommodation for 40.000 travelers per year. Through hospitality, we make the gospel of Christ known to travelers, in words and deeds. Basically by interacting with our guests in the hostels - at reception, in the cafe or during activities - we are able to share God's love and our faith with them. As travelers are often open to new experiences and ideas while traveling, they are a perfect outreach group!! Read more about the way we do missionary work here.

Become part of our international missionary team

As part of our Christian international missionary work team, you will become part of our community. You grow in faith together with other Christians of your age (18-30). Because of the diversity of denominations, cultural backgrounds and world views, you will gain new perspectives on God. But most of all it will help you to grow in evangelism and ministry. In our ministry training program we will teach you everything about doing missionary work in culturally relevant way.

Main focus of our ministry internship

Since we are a Christian ministry, the major areas of skills and development in this ministry internship are focused on:


  • Build relational bridges and present the gospel to unbelievers in a clear and understandable way
  • Learn the importance of listening and understanding the ‘language’ of other persons
  • Confirm what you believe and grow in your faith

Intercultural relations

  • Learn how to relate to people from other cultures, backgrounds and mindsets
  • Experience living in a multicultural environment
  • Deal with cross-cultural problems

Personal development

  • Develop your personal identity to gain more understanding of who you are, including your strength and weaknesses
  • Step out of your comfort zone: see your ministry internship as a time to challenge yourself
  • Improve your skills: speak in front of groups, have one-on-one conversations with guests, lead Bible discussions and host events

What does an internship at the Shelter look like?

Throughout your ministry internship at the Shelter hostels, you will work practically in one of the hostels. Through continuous interaction with our guests at reception, in the cafe or during activities, you will be able to share God's love and your faith. On average, you will work at the hostel about 5,5 hours a day, 6 days a week. Your shifts include working in the cafe, at the reception or as cleaner supervisor. During your shifts you will carry out daily duties, demonstrate Christian hospitality, as well as interact with the guests. Also, you will be in charge of hosting evangelism activities, together with other volunteers.

Our Ministry Training Program

Most noteworthty for your growth, is the participation in our Ministry Training Program (MTP). Besides working practically in the hostels, you will learn here more different topics. For example about hospitality, evangelism in a culturally relevant way, your personal faith and much more. Through working in the hostels you will put everything you have learned into practice.

Living in Amsterdam

All of our volunteer staff, including our interns, live together in a community house here in Amsterdam. Because volunteers come from all over the world, you will be living in a very international setting. Therefore you will get to experience what it is like to live and grow together with other Christians from different backgrounds. As part of a Christian community, you will participate in small group meetings once a week and in monthly worship events. The community house is a great place to discover more about yourself and to grow in your Christian faith.


If you would like to do a ministry internship at our Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry, feel free to contact us via e-mail: info@youthhostelministry.org. Together with you and/or your school, we can check if our ministry is a good fit for you and make a plan to get most out of your internship. This depends on the requirements of your study and the skills you would like to develop. Last, but not least: the starting date of your ministry internship is flexible. We would love to meet you!