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Jacob’s goodbye

Dear Shelter family, After many goodbye meetings of hundreds of staff members, it is my turn to say goodbye.

19 years and 5 months I have served in the Shelter. In God’s Shelter. A place you never forget after having served here. The Shelter is a warm bath. A place where you can see God at work, as you know.

I have seen guests changed by finding God in the Shelter. A few days ago a Chinese guy accepted Jesus during the Bible Meditation. It was my dream that guests would accept Jesus without our words. Just by meditating on the Bible. Just by seeing how the Holy Spirit speaks to the heart of non-Christians. And He did, He does and will do. Some weeks ago a cleaner found Jesus at Alpha. This bible course we offer two times a week the whole year round is a great activity that God is using nowadays.

My favorite stories are from the old times, because since I was responsible for both Shelters since 2003, I speak less to guests. I would like to share one old story with you.


It was a Friday night, Hostel night. The theme is miracles. I am sitting at a very international table with two Australian guys next to me. I ask who has ever experienced a miracle. Everyone had something to share. Then it’s the Australians turn to share the miracle they had experienced. “The miracle for us is that we are here. Can we explain?”. I tell them to go ahead.

“We were at Leidseplein, the whole day. We were desperately looking for a place to stay. Then someone tapped on my shoulder and said: “You are looking for a place to stay, aren’t you?” and I said “Yes we have been searching the whole day already and all hostels are full.” Then he said: “Go to the Shelter Jordan, they have beds available.” We turned around to say thanks but there was no one there.

When we arrived here, the reception was packed. In front of us were two other guys standing and we heard that they unfortunately had to leave. They checked out. When we said to the receptionist that we had no reservation, but that we were looking for a bed, she said: “Then you are very lucky, since we are full for weeks already. But as you see, these guys just checked out. We got a bed for the night!” On top of that, she invited us for this free meal. We believe that it was an angel who gave us directions to the Shelter. God wanted us here for a reason. And now we are sitting at this table and are curious about what God has in mind for us.”

God is faithful

Wow, that is a miracle! But bigger than that is when someone becomes a child of God viagra generika preis. Those guys believed in a more religious way. After that night they could say: I am a child of God.

For over 19 years I worked with wonderful people, multi-talented managers/supervisors. I worked for 7+ directors. People come and people go, even I say goodbye, but God is faithful.

I want to thank you for your prayers, and all you do and did for the Shelter. Andre Molenaar is taking over as general manager of the Shelter YHM. Pray also for him.

As you know the world is small and the Shelter family is big, so I think many of you I will see somewhere sometime.

May God bless you all.

Jacob Kops