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Interview with a Cleaning Supervisor: “God Changes Lives”

Robert was in 2016 Cleaning Supervisor at the Shelter City. In this interview he shares a bit about what life at the Shelter has been like so far.

Hello Robert, nice that we’ve found time to chat a bit. Do you want to introduce yourself and share how you came to the Shelter Youth Hostel Ministry?

Robert: I came to the Shelter after I graduated from my studies. I wanted to serve God. Now that I work here I see that you can really reach out to people form all over the world. It is a great experience. I am excited  about what God has already done in the lives of people and that I can be a witness of these amazing stories.

Have you seen people you who have been changed by God´s love?

Robert: There was a cleaner who was really interested in Alpha course. After his first Alpha course, he went to church. Then he decided to give his life to Jesus! This was a huge encouragement! Later on, we read the gospel of Mark together. However, this is not the only way I have seen God work in miraculous ways during my time here.

We had another cleaner who came to the Shelter because he missed his flight back home. Because he didn’t have any money to book a new flight, he had to stay in Amsterdam to wait for money to be transferred to his account. The time at the Shelter was a time of reflection for him and time to think about what he is living for. He learned a lot about God and the Bible. It was cool to see him grow closer to God. As he left, we gave him a Bible as a goodbye present. He told us he would like to read the whole Bible. I am curious to see how God will work further in him as he reads about God.

What have been some challenging experiences and in what areas do you still want to grow in during your remaining time here?

Robert: I find it challenging to prepare devotions, but it is also an incredible way to reach out to the cleaners. They stay for an entire month and we get so many opportunities to share the gospel with them. I want to improve in my ability to make connections between the gospel and the cleaners’ lives. I want to learn to be patient and trust that God can use me. It is his work. It is not about me, but I can be a tool in his hands to reach out to people.