BLOG image- God gives hope

God brings hope

God gives hope. Also to our guests and staff members. A story written by old staff member and night receptionist Wulfert. 

I don’t quite remember how we started talking. It was a Wednesday morning, I worked a Café shift. We finished serving breakfast for the guests and started to clean up. We were about to have a break, so I got myself a coffee. I walked into the garden, when I saw a women there who I had checked in a few days earlier. Walking over to her, I just asked how she was doing.

Before I knew it, I was sat next to her and we were engaged in a deep conversation. It came so natural. She shared about all the disappointments in her life, and how this made it hard to believe in hope. She told me of a manager of the Shelter who also talked to her the other evening and even prayed for her. Still it was hard for her to find hope. Her struggles were tough.

I did my best to feel for her. But even at my best, I could not do so much more than to tell her that she should not give up. Over and over again during this short talk, I told her, that there is hope for her, although it can be incredibly hard to grab that hope. She knew I was right, but she was afraid to become discouraged again. She needed to go that day. I asked her to start reading the Bible again.

The next day in the evening we received an email from this woman. She wrote thanks to us and everyone from our team. That it had been good for her to come here. The woman was grateful that some people took the time to speak hope into her life. She started to read the Shelter Bible we gave her on her flight back. Over the past two days, she found that she restrained from self-harming. This was something that was huge for her. She wrote: “Thank you for showing me that my life is not completely useless.” She had found a way to believe in hope again.

The talk we had that Wednesday was intense, but just as intense was my joy the next day when I read her words. I told everyone I met in the community house, and jumped with the joy these words gave me.

I witnessed a few things through this story. That we sometimes just have to BE there for a person, even if their problems are so big we don’t know how to help them. God continues the good work that He started. Believing in hope again is the start of God’s work in our own hearts.

All her problems are not solved, and struggles still play a big role in this her life. She needs prayer and people around her, because it can be very easy to give up again. But just as I told her: as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is hope. And although she might fall back into discouragement from time to time, we have seen that God is faithful and I believe God will continue His work in her.