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Gabriel’s testimony

God brought Gabriel across the ocean to discover more about His love and a family at Shelter. Here Gabriel shares his testimony of the mighty God who wanted to connect with him.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, the economical centre of Brazil. I had the opportunity to study and entered the best university of my country. My life was pretty normal for a boy my age. I wanted to graduate as soon as possible, get a good job and start to build a successful career.

My family has Italian roots, therefore we had some contact with Catholicism, but my parents followed their own spiritual way. They let me choose my own path. I never denied the existence of a God or even the existence of Jesus. However for me these things were not as important as other things in life. After some time I put God aside.
Nevertheless, half way through my university, I started wondering what life was really about. I wondered how the world looked and I had a lot of big questions. I had to stop this “perfect planned life” and go see the world, travel, be by myself and face some real challenges.

My intention was to spend just a couple of weeks in the Netherlands, so I made a reservation at the Shelter Jordan without knowing it was a Christian Hostel. I found that out on my first night when the staff invited me to evening prayer! From that moment on I started to get more and more in contact with Jesus’ love. In the beginning it didn’t really touch me, but the more people talked to me about Christ and how He did things out of the deepest love that can ever exist, it began to touch me because I knew how powerful love was . Soon, I understood who Jesus is and why He is the Saviour. That is why I want to follow Him and be like Him. He is the biggest gift of God, he is the best thing that could ever exist, someone completely embodied with love.

I ended up staying 6 months in Amsterdam. I don’t believe it was an accident that I ended up there. God brought me to the Shelter. Day after day I felt more and more in love with God. I know the power that God has and I love Jesus’ love. It’s something that is hard to explain, because who can explain love? Or who can explain God? It’s so amazing because it’s so beyond any definition. Getting to know more about who Jesus is; the wonderful things He has made for us; seeing how wide and limitless God is- that’s how I fell in love.

When I left Brazil I seemingly had everything, but something inside of me was still empty. I had a huge void inside that used to make me feel as if nothing really made sense. Now my life is completely changed. Now I know that there’s a solid fulfillment in Jesus.

God has a much bigger plan and works in His timing, He was there working before I even realized who He was.