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From Party to Praise

Five months ago, I found my life was in a place of confusion and emptiness between me and God. I didn’t have any more feeling of God.

I grew up Muslim but for seven years, I closed myself to God. My family wasn’t happy and my father told me, ‘Better to kill yourself or go back to Africa [than to party and drink.]” After that, I realized that something was wrong with my life, and I asked God to forgive me and help me.

Around this time, I met a person on the street who asked me where I could find Shelter City. I didn’t know what or where the Shelter was, but I went with the man to help him find it. Once at the Shelter City, I met Johanna, a staff member at the hostel. She was so full of light that I was ashamed to ask for help.

“She was so full of light that I was ashamed to ask for help.”

The next morning, I talked with Jerred, the Cleaning Supervisor. Jerred asked me my beliefs, and I told Jerred that I had grown up Muslim but didn’t care about religion anymore. Jerred responded that the Shelter was Christian. I responded that I didn’t mind, but simply wanted to work at the hostel. I eventually began to work as a cleaner.

The Word of God is living and active

In the first few days, I didn’t have much to do after I finished cleaning. After the third day, I joined a group of staff members at dinner who were talking about the Bible. Tea, a manager at the City, gave me my first Bible and the next day after work, I opened it randomly to Matthew 5 and began reading. The Sermon on the Mount astonished me. In Jesus’ words He encountered the same circle of life that I knew in Africa. I felt genuinely happy and began attending Bible discussions, and after a few weeks I decided that if Jesus really had saved me, I wanted to tell the world about Him and follow Him.

I wanted to tell the world about Him and follow Him.

On April 26th, on my last day of work at the Shelter, I was baptized by Pastor John at A-50 Church in Amsterdam. Nowadays I am bringing His light and joy to everyone I meet. I talk to everyone I see about the love of Jesus.