Easter in Amsterdam

When guests are during Easter in Amsterdam, they are often looking for freedom and fun. We can offer that to them, but we really want to share Easter story with our guests as well. The story of the cross, the tomb and the resurrection.

Easter is a wonderful time to share with guests. Yet it can still be a challenge to share our faith in the living God. Therefore, preparing a program for our guests who spend Easter in Amsterdam takes preparation and planning. We have to think about programs, decoration, gifts. So many questions arise: Do we use a cross in the café? What do we do on Saturday? Is the movie the Passion of the Christ appropriate? How can we surprise our guests on Sunday morning? On Sunday morning, we reflect on Jesus overcoming the grave, therefore how do we change the hostel into a cheerful living place?

These are necessary questions to ask and discuss. But before we can share about Easter with our guests, we have to know what it means for ourselves. Is our life based on forgiveness? As staff we take time to reflect on the fact that we are buried with Him and now live that unbelievable life of resurrection.

Before this time of Easter celebration, we spent 40 days in the period of Lent. As a Shelter family we take time together for praying and fasting. This time helped us to focus on God and to realise that the tomb is open.

Now through Jesus, there is freedom, openness and a future. Jesus stands outside the tomb saying to us: “I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One. I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys.”

Let us share this great story!