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Don’t give up your faith, it’s too beautiful

Working in the Shelter is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. It taught me a lot about God; loving, serving and living with Him. It showed me very clearly what the difference is between a life without God and a life with Him and it taught me how to share this faith with people around me. Besides that, being in a community of Christians from all around the world and stirring each other up to follow God is great!

One of the really good things in the Shelter is the contact with the cleaners, who are mostly non-believers. They stay for one month in the Shelter, living alongside us. During this time they see how we try to live for God and serve Him. Every day before the cleaners begin their day of work, the cleaner supervisor spends 30 minutes reading the bible and discussing Jesus with them. We also offer the Alpha course, which explains the basics of Christianity. I’m always amazed how open most of them are. It takes courage to ask them to do an introduction course to Christianity. Furthermore, the Alpha is giving me a boost in my own walk with God too.

We once had a cleaner who was very rational in his way of thinking. Despite being raised in a Christian home, he decided many years ago the would not believe in God, as a result of some hard things in his life. The environment at the Shelter began to change his thought process. Through an Alpha course, he realized that relying on rationality alone was bringing him nowhere. I could see him starting to change. In one of the first lessons of the course he told me not to give up on God. He said, “What you people have here is something very special. Don’t give up your faith, it’s too beautiful. I gave up on it, but it didn’t bring me anywhere”.

That’s sometimes how people begin to change; they see we have something they yearn for. This cleaner realized he needed God again and still comes back to the Shelter every now and then for the Alpha course, evening prayer, or Bible Discussion.

The best part of the Shelter is seeing people realize that there is a God who loves them. It is beautiful to see them understand more and more of what Christ has done for us, and what that means for them. That He died on a cross for us – which seemed ridiculous at first. It is wonderful to live this message out together as a team, and share this message to guests, cleaners and others who walk through our doors.

I pray that God will use this experience to prepare me for my job after this Shelter time. I hope I will share Him, not only here in the Shelter, but in my ‘regular’ life afterwards.

Thank you for reading this. I pray you will be blessed in your daily life!