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The aim of our ministry is not just reaching out to the travelers in our hostels. Our entire ministry set-up is focused on equipping our community volunteer team for a life of ministry and service. Grab the chance to grow in your relationship with God. Discover your unique gifts. And learn how to share the Gospel in a casual way in your daily life. Join our international team, join a Christian community abroad!

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Community volunteer

You are not serving alone: as a volunteer you are part of a supportive community abroad, with Christians of your age. Through living in a community house with all volunteers, friendships, enjoying meals and working together, the group of volunteers grow in unity. Through our Ministry Training Program, weekly small groups, worship sessions and prayer meetings they grow together in faith. Furthermore, all volunteers have a prayer mentor and prayer buddy to talk and pray with. The Christian community will help and encourage you to keep your focus on God and grow in your walk with Him.community volunteer small group

Community abroad: our community volunteer house

Since you are a community volunteer at the Shelter hostels, you don't have to rent a room. All our volunteers (30-40 people) live together in a big community house in Amsterdam. The community house provides bedrooms to accommodate two or three persons per room. Also there is a big kitchen, dining room, living room and a library to share. The community volunteer house is in the beautiful Jordaan area of Amsterdam. Our Shelter hostels are just a five to ten-minute bike ride away. The community house is a place of rest after the work in the hostel. But most of all it is a place to enjoy fellowship with one another.

"House parents"

We have a team of colleagues taking care of the Christian community and all the volunteers who live there. We call them "house parents". They pay attention to the spiritual and personal life of each volunteer along with the practical aspects of maintaining the house. They welcome each new community volunteer and create a comfortable home-like atmosphere. Furthermore they lead different community volunteer activities, like small group, worship and prayer meetings.

community volunteer house

Small group

Every week there are small group session in the community volunteer house. Volunteers are scheduled for small group on Tuesday or Thursday mornings with half of the team. Every small group has the same set-up. The team starts the day together with special homemade breakfast (prepared by one of the volunteers) for a time of fellowship. After that, it's worship time in the living room, followed by an inspirational talk about a Biblical topic. The groups splits up in two tiny groups to continue talking about the topic and to pray together. For an impression of what a small group looks like, check out the video below.

Prayer mentor for each community volunteer

It is our biggest desire that you are able to grow in your relationship with God and on a personal level. Therefore every volunteer in our ministry gets their own individual prayer mentor. Your prayer mentor helps you to get most out of your Shelter time. Not in a practical, but in a spiritual way. The mentor works in the same hostel as you do, so you will see each other on a weekly basis. Once a month you have a prayer mentor talk. In these talks there is room for you to talk and pray about topics that come up in the ministry or in your personal life. There is room for spiritual questions, any kind of struggle or area you want to grow in. Your prayer mentor is dedicated to pray for you during your time in our ministry.

Benefits of living in a Christian community abroad

  • Experience living in a community with people from various cultures, churches and backgrounds. A big diversity, but a unity that comes in Christ;
  • Develop your social skills and mature as a person in your walk with God and grow as Christians together. Participate in small group meetings and monthly prayer and worship events;
  • Growing together spiritually and the unity of the community helps to put faith into practice. Most of all, the sense of community will overflow into the hostels to provide open means of sharing Christ with the guests.

We are looking for more community volunteers!

Are you looking for a chance to live, work and share the Gospel in a dynamic international community abroad? Seems like you should join our ministry! Serve God, share your faith and grow in your walk with the Lord.

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