BLOG image- Evangalism

Challenged to be brave with evangelism

Before coming to the Shelter Hostel Ministry I found evangelism very challenging. I thought that talking about God should come naturally. Instead, I found it difficult to evangelize to friends and family, so thought there must be something wrong with me. I didn’t know how to bring up God in a conversation.

I thought evangelism would be forced and awkward, and I thought that people weren’t interested in hearing the gospel.

When I arrived at the Shelter I wasn’t sure that I would be of much use as an evangelist. I’ve never been brave enough to just go up to someone and start talking about God. I thought that I would serve in the Café or on reception and leave the evangelism to other people.

However, as soon as I stepped in the hostel I saw that the volunteers weren’t forcing conversations about God on strangers. Instead they were sitting with guests and simply getting to know them. I have learnt that just listening to people’s stories, is a powerful way to show God’s love.

I’ve found that evangelism can flow naturally from conversations if you are open about your faith. It is so interesting to hear the stories of all the travelers from different cultures. Many of them are so open to talking about God and are searching for fulfillment in their travels.

Coming here has not made me an incredible evangelist straight away, but I have learnt that evangelism is a skill that you can develop through practice and it is wonderful that each conversation is part of God’s bigger plan for these people.