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Don’t give up your faith, it’s too beautiful

Working in the Shelter is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. It taught me a lot about God; loving, serving and living with Him. It showed me very clearly what the difference is between a life without God and a life with Him and it taught me how to share this faith with people around me. Besides that, being in a community of Christians from all around the world and stirring each other up to follow God is great!


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Dinner time at the Shelter City

You never know who’s going to join and how many people will be there. Every day it’s a surprise. Sometimes a few staff members join. Other times the dining room is packed with staff, cleaners, and guests. Many times people have shared how they have appreciated dinner in the Shelter. Being able to sit down together, enjoy the blessing of sharing a meal, hear stories, and have fun. It’s like a family. Sharing a meal together in a family can be such a powerful act of love and here I share about some of the guests touched by this.


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A life changed by Jesus Christ

Have you ever met someone whose life was completely changed by Jesus? We do sometimes. Once there was a girl, named Catia, who came to Amsterdam for drugs and alcohol until she ran out of money. She came to work as a cleaner in our Christian hostel in Amsterdam. This is where her whole life was changed by Jesus Christ.