Say Hi to our House Parents!

There is a caring married couple who takes care of the Christian community and all the volunteers who live in the community house.  They pay attention to the spiritual and personal life of each volunteer along with the practical aspects of maintaining the house.  Let us introduce you to Hans and Marlies, our house parents!  An extremely passionate couple that is of great value in the community.


Sharing Jesus through the City Walk

The early afternoon sun glistens off the water as I walk 20 hostel guests around Amsterdam; telling the amusing history of the bridge we stand on over the Amstel river. It is Saturday and I am leading a City Walk: a perfect opportunity for sharing Jesus.


Easter in Amsterdam

When guests are during Easter in Amsterdam, they are often looking for freedom and fun. We can offer that to them, but we really want to share Easter story with our guests as well. The story of the cross, the tomb and the resurrection.


BLOG image- Journey

Turned upside down by God

During her teens, Frances from England was living as a rebel. Inside she felt angry. Angry at her parents and angry at the world, that felt so cold and lifeless. Until she came in contact with an ambiance of love and caring for each other at church. Frances began a journey, that finally would lead her to The Shelter Jordan youth hostel.


BLOG image- Evangalism

Challenged to be brave with evangelism

Before coming to the Shelter Hostel Ministry I found evangelism very challenging. I thought that talking about God should come naturally. Instead, I found it difficult to evangelize to friends and family, so thought there must be something wrong with me. I didn’t know how to bring up God in a conversation.