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Light at the reception

Observing at the reception during the night
Red lights on the right
Many other temptations to fight
So I write
Because I see the conflict in this guy’s eyes

On his way out I tell him to go to the left
The effect that it had
Because he just did not expect
Anyone cared
His eyes changed, guess that it helped?

And now a good conversation did start
A part of his heart
Just splintered in pieces apart
Then I saw
Just a little bit of all the troubles he had

He told me about how all his friends left
The effect that is had
Because he just did not expect
He really cared
In a split second his life turned into a mess

His wife threw away the ring that he bought her
In love with another
And she took his 3 year old daughter
Nobody bothered
He wept every night since the day that he lost her

But just before he went upstairs to his bed
I said that I was glad
Spoke with him about a Man I once met
And I shared
That God knows about the pain that he had

This man lost his tracks out of sight
Red lights on the right
Many other temptations to fight
Later I cried
Because of the story I heard on a regular night
But at the reception I was able to show him the Light.

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Alpha Course at the Shelter

A beautiful way to share the gospel with our cleaners is the Alpha Course. This is a series of sessions exploring Christian faith. During the sessions, participants explore the big issues around faith and unpack the basics of Christianity. More…