Volunteering abroad - Covid-19

Application information

How to apply as a volunteer?

Would you love to serve God and share His good news with travelers from all over the world? Search no more! Join our ministry, and serve in our hostels as a volunteer!

Before you apply, just make sure you have read the application information below. It is probably not the most exciting stuff to read, but is good for you to know what you are applying for, right?

Application procedure

The application process and the length of your stay will depend on your passport. For EU-citizens the procedure is quite easy. If you need a visa or work permit, the application process will be more lengthy. So make sure you send your application to us a few months before your desired start date!

Click here and select your country of origin to discover which application procedure fits your situation, how long you can serve with us and if you need a visa or working holiday permit.

Start dates

Our Christian volunteering program officially has the following start and ending dates every year: January 1st, March 1st, May 1st, June 1st, July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, December 1st.

Please contact personnel@youthhostelministry.org to check out the availability!

Length of stay

Ideally, we would like people to serve for 3 months or longer. This is not only good for the ministry: it is also very beneficial for you! Our volunteers all experience volunteering in our international Christian community as a wonderful experience. Volunteers often want to extend their stay after a few months of serving in the hostels. So if you have time, consider staying longer on forehand!

Also your tasks and responsibilities at the Shelter vary, depending on how long you stay. Short term mission volunteers (1 – 3 months) work mainly in the café. Long term mission volunteers (4 - 12 months) may also learn to work at the reception and as a cleaner supervisor. The longer you stay, the bigger the variety of responsibilities!


During your time at the Shelter, we will provide you with:

  • Accommodation (free of charge)
  • Ministry Training Program (free of charge)
  • If applicable: Payment of Fee required for the Residence permit (€800 deposit)

You will have to provide and pay for:

  • €150 for each month of your term, as a fee for food - with this fee, all food and drinks are included!
  • Travel to Amsterdam and back
  • Medical insurance
  • Extra spending money

To take part in our Christian ministry, you must have medical insurance. This needs to cover medical (emergency) costs of hospitals, doctors, dentist, etc in the Netherlands. You will need to provide this.

Ready to apply!

If the application information is all clear to you, and you meet the general requirements, you seem totally ready to apply! Just write to us that you are interested, fill out the application form, get approved, buy a plane ticket, pack, and go! We are looking forward to reading your application and welcome you to the Shelter family. We hope to meet you soon!