BLOG image- Alpha Course

Alpha Course at the Shelter

A beautiful way to share the gospel with our cleaners is the Alpha Course. This is a series of sessions exploring Christian faith. During the sessions, participants explore the big issues around faith and unpack the basics of Christianity. Together we address questions from Who is Jesus? and How can we have faith? to Why and how do I pray? and How does God guide us? 

Especially in the Shelter City we always try to do an Alpha Course. It helps cleaners (and sometimes guests) in stepping closer to God. This introduction to Christianity is now offered in a group setting or sometimes in one-on-one meetings, meaning a team members goes through the material with one guest or cleaner.

Special moments

Alpha leads to special conversations and moments. One night in the past month the guys didn’t want to come to Alpha, for it was one of the cleaners his last night. Staff member Michal convinced the guys to go out for a drink at 7PM, to come back together at 9AM for Alpha. After discussing the question if it is good to talk about Jesus with others, one of the participants P. mentioned that Alpha was his favourite activity during his stay at the Shelter. Most of his unanswered questions were explained in the these sessions and talks with Taka. He shared that he still isn’t a believer. Someone had suggested to him a few days before if God could break down whatever is keeping him away from Him. He said he hadn’t prayed for it yet, because he is scared of the consequences.

Another guy, V., responded that he also loved Alpha. He found though that it is huge step in giving life to Jesus. The session closed with prayer. It was really special, because P. prayed! He thanked God for his time at the Shelter and for the people he met. Then he spoke: “God, and please break down whatever is keeping me apart from you.” Really beautiful!

Pray for the Alpha Course

We are really thankful that in the last months there always was an Alpha Course organized at the Shelter City. We have cleaners really reading the bible and earnestly searching for God. They are not trying to argue faith, but really open to seeing if God is who He says He is. We thank God for these beautiful moments and conversations. Please pray with us:

  • For enough cleaners;
  • That more cleaners will join the Alpha Course;
  • That participants will have an open heart for the gospel;
  • That participants will take active steps to come closer to Christ;
  • A successful implementation of the Alpha Course at the Jordan. The cleaning team here is smaller, so it didn’t work out nicely until now. Please pray that we will be able to equip the team and get participants to start the Alpha Course also in the Shelter Jordan.