Just a Sunday night in Shelter City

A logbook from one of our night men from the Shelter City.


7:00 PM  I bring my daughter to bed. After I say a prayer she prays a prayer over me: “Dear God be with dad at his job. Use him and allow him to have nice talks about you Jesus. Amen”. After she’s off to sleep, I also hit the sack and sleep for around two hours before being woken by my alarm.

9:56 PM  I jump in the shower and get dressed.

10:15 PM A 45 minute train trip brings me to Amsterdam.

10:38 PM  I meet Sha again, an Indian man who just finished his workday. I have met him a number of times and had promised to bring him a ‘Why Jesus’ booklet in his language. I gave him one in Bengalese. However he could only speak Bengali and not read it. He therefore asked me to explain what the book was about, so I shared to him the whole gospel of Jesus. He says that he would give this booklet to his colleague who reads Bengalese.

11:12 PM  I arrive at the Shelter City Amsterdam.

11:30 PM  After some chatting for a while and inviting guests along, we start our evening prayer session. People from 8 different nationalities sit together, laugh, read bible, pray and talk together. Many people pray or read bible for the first time in their lives.

0:06 AM  After evening prayer, I take over reception. Whilst doing my chores, I continually looking for opportunities to share Jesus’ love.

Share Jesus’ love

1:30 AM  A Portuguese guy named Julio comes in and feels bad from smoking weed. After giving him a cup of tea and chatting he feels better. We talk for a while, during which he says that he is a Christian, but that it is mainly a traditional thing for him. I proceed to explain the gospel to him in detail. He is touched by it and says: “I want to follow Jesus, what should I do?”

2:29 AM  Julio gives his life to Jesus. I give him a bible and pray for him.

2:34 AM  During this time with Julio, two Spanish guys from Barcelona ask for some tea. I ask them to wait a few minutes.

2:42 AM  After Julio goes to bed, I make time for the two Spanish guys. When I give them tea, I ask: “do you guys believe there is a purpose for life?”

4:28 AM  After talking for some time, the two guys from Barcelona are very interested and want to open the door for God (Revelation 3:20). I pray for them and they thank me for the good conversation.

The next night, I see them again. They say they really have been thinking and talking a lot about our conversation. One of the guys then tells me he has knee pains. They let me pray for healing and I ask him to let me know what happens. We conclude our conversation by exchanging Facebook details.

God thank you! Thank you for using me in your great adventurous story!

1 Corinthians 15:58 (NIV):
Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.