A day in the Shelter

Summer has come to an end. It’s quite busy in the hostel; great things and crazy things. Here is an average day in the life of the Shelter.

One of our guests was a girl on vacation. Before arriving, she was afraid that the Shelter might be a “pushy” Christian environment. Soon enough, the girl was enjoying our Open-Mic Night, with a great mixture of Christian and Non-Christian music. She told me she was impressed by the atmosphere in our hostel and a little later she told me she believed in something like a Heaven and a Hell. That led me to the next question: Where did she think she would go and why? She didn’t know but promised me to think a little more about it. Together with her friends the next day, she joined the city walk that was led by one of our staff workers and in the evening they attended a live music program. They have continued to spend more time with our staff. It’s great to have guests participating in our lives.

Last but not least, there’s a ‘lost-son’ look-a-like-story for one of our cleaners. His father had sent him money to pay for the journey back to his country, but he used all this money on other things. His worried dad called us and with some effort we made arrangements to help him out of the situation. This son must be happy to have a father like that who is similar to the Heavenly, forgiving father. Let’s pray for this new season that we have the opportunity to help more guests on the Way.