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A community like Acts

“I dreamed of the community the believers in the book of Acts had…”

Before I came to the Shelter, I wondered what it would be like to go to live in a community where everyone was united with one purpose. Where there was no gossip, and God’s love was shown daily through each of us. I wondered if that was possible. I had come from a Bible college and had experienced how even Christians could be…not as united. People are not perfect of course, and we all make mistakes because we are all sinners!

I dreamed of the community the believers in the book of Acts had; living where people strived daily to please God and serve others. I quickly saw the difference in this Shelter community. Everyone was loving, seeming to all know their purpose, and everyone was part of the family here. There was no gossip!

We prayed for any and every issue right away.

I pondered what set a part this community from other Christian communities that I had been a part of.

Prayer was at the top of the list! If there was anything close to an issue, it was prayed for immediately. Through this, we weren’t relying on ourselves to reason things out, but allowed God space to work. Our ministry and our staff were always lifted up to God through prayer through our managers, us and many others!

Secondly, everyone knew that their purpose was to grow in their faith and serve others. And we all took a role in encouraging each other in that! It is amazing to be a part of a family who wants to serve God and others as much as you do! One staff member summarised it well by saying, “If I am talking to a guest in the cafe, I know there’s someone in the kitchen praying for me.”

This was the family I was a part of and I was blessed to share life with them!

What matters is that if God is put before everything, things will fall into place.

I have left the Shelter now. But although I am going back home, I will remember what I learned, and remind myself that community like this is achievable. While back home there are different elements to balance, like work, school, etc. However, what matters is that if God is put first, everything else will fall into place. I miss the Shelter life, but I know God has much to accomplish through me, and will use all these experiences I learned at the Shelter to further His kingdom!