Gap Year abroad
Our Ministry Training Program

Ministry Training Program

The Shelter desires to be a place where Christian volunteers can grow. That is why we started the Ministry Training Program (MTP) in 2010. The teaching and training sessions in the MTP are based upon the ministry context of the hostel. One or twice per week are set apart for teaching and training. During the rest of the week the lessons of the MTP can be put into practice in the Shelter ministry.

Our volunteers receive training in topics both spiritual and practical. The first two months are more practical: e.g. how to work professionally at a hostel and how to lead evangelism activities. After covering the basics, you will dive deeper into topics on faith, core matters of the gospel, as well as how to live in a multi-cultural community. The various courses are taught by teachers with different areas of ministry experience (coming from Youth with a Mission, L’Abri, and other organizations) and some with theological degrees.

People who join our team come from different backgrounds. Some have experience in evangelism and ministry, and for others it is quite new. The Ministry Training Program (MTP) provides you with the necessary equipment for evangelism in the Shelter ministry and beyond. It is important for us that our volunteers have a desire to learn and grow in this area.

Some topics of the Ministry Training Program are:

  • Dealing with difficult questions, e.g. "How can Jesus say to be the only way?" or "How can a loving God allow so much evil and suffering?"
  • Shelter guests and the pressure of ambition
  • Shelter guests and the impact of Eastern Religion on Western Culture
  • Maintaining your boundaries and dealing with stress
  • Core matters of the Gospel; e.g. Sin, guilt and reconciliation, and the power of the resurrection
  • Fun and frustration in a cross cultural setting (i.e., culture shock)
  • Prayer in your personal walk with God