Gap Year abroad
Pursue hearts for Jesus

Share Christ amoung travellers

Our missionary work focuses on two main groups:

  1. Missionary work to backpackers and guests
  2. Missionary work to cleaners

Missionary work to backpackers and guests

The purpose of our Christian ministry is to share Christ and His love with all who travel through Amsterdam and stay at our hostel. We believe God brings each guest to the hostel for a purpose. We receive both believers and non-believers. Some guests are very active in their spiritual journey and join our hostel activities where we openly share Christ. However, we also have a lot of guests that are more passive.

We serve all of them with joy, praying that God will continue to work in their lives as they go forth from our hostel. We do that by giving them excellent customer service. We spend time conversing with them about regular things, attempting to make “bridges” to the Gospel. They like to exchange ideas, to philosophize about God, Jesus and the Bible. But they don’t like to be pushed or preached at. Each guest receives a booklet with a biblical message upon arriving and with further interest they can also get a free copy of the New Testament. We want them to experience the Shelter as a safe place, and it is our deepest desire that they find God, the ultimate shelter for life.

Every day we organize activities where we make a bridge to the Gospel. This can be a Bible Discussion, a Dutch Food Tasting, a Hostel Night or a City Walk. In all we do, we see that relationship with guests as very important. If they get a warm welcome at the reception, they’ll want to join our evening activities too. If they have a nice talk with a volunteer who is sincerely interested in them, they’ll want to experience our Bible Discussion too. Guests like to join our activities when they feel loved, accepted and safe.

Missionary work to the cleaners

Besides sharing Christ through words and deeds to our guests, we also have a cleaner ministry. Guests or people who are looking for accommodation, but don’t have the budget for it, can work as a cleaner in the hostel for 14 – 28 days, in exchange for free room and board. At each Christian hostel we offer 3-6 cleaning volunteering positions. The cleaning program starts every day at 10 a.m. and finishes at 3 p.m. The main cleaning responsibilities are cleaning either the bathrooms or the beds.

Before their work, they start with a daily Bible Devotion. In this devotion we share about Jesus and what it means to follow Him in a relaxed way. Throughout the years, we have seen that this can have a great impact on their lives, which shows the effectiveness of this type of missionary work. Some of our cleaners have accepted Christ, like Jonathan, whose life was changed afterwards.

Evangelism activities

We share Christ through engaging in personal conversations and our evangelism activities, such as:

  • Guest Bible Inspiration Time - We invite all guests, believers and unbelievers, to our daily Bible Discussion. One staff member prepares a subject to discuss and another staff assists in directing and participating in the conversation.
  • Bible Meditation - During the Bible Meditation, a staff member reads prayerfully a Bible passage, spend several minutes in silence, listen for God. After the silence there is time to share thoughts.
  • Hostel Night - On Friday nights, we share Christ in a creative, personal way. We offer a free dinner for all of our guests, share testimonies, and lead activities.
  • Film Discussion - We watch a movie together with guests and afterwards staff members facilitate a discussion that brings the themes of the movie to a personal level. The volunteers learn to share Christ by using a movie to lay a bridge to the Gospel.
  • City Walk - During the City Walk we take our guests on a tour of the area the hostel is located and share our enthusiasm about the city and its Christian roots. This is a unique opportunity to connect with guests and share Christ, as it’s the main reason they came here – to explore Amsterdam!
  • Open Mic Night - On Open Mic Night we encourage every guest to contribute a song, skit, dance, poem or whatever they like. It is always a lot of fun to share Christ in a creative way.
  • Church on Sunday - We invite the guests to join us attending an English speaking church.
  • Other outreaches - Based on the initiatives of our volunteers and managers we sometimes organize other creative events: a Food Tasting Evening, a Creative Night, a Game Night, or whatever event you can think of. Besides having a great evening with the guests we also want to share Christ in everything that we do. There are many ministry opportunities to be creative, engage guests, and share Christ in our ministry!