Gap Year abroad
Practice hospitality

Practice Christian hospitality at the Shelter

The foundation of our Christian ministry is hospitality. We believe that practical service, given with kindness and joy, can be the starting point of meaningful connection with a guest in the hostel. It is our way to demonstrate Christ’s love to those who do not know him. 

In an atmosphere of love and acceptance we offer possibilities to share something about Jesus. Through personal conversations, but also through our evangelism activities. We want to create a safe environment to make guests feel free to talk about spiritual matters with us, without feeling like we are forceful or preaching at them. In conversations about everyday things we try to make a bridge to the Gospel.

Practical service in hospitality

Our Shelter hostels are runned by Christian volunteers from all over the world. Short term volunteers (1 – 3 months) have café and kitchen shifts: they prepare food, serve the guests and they are a great host by creating a welcoming atmosphere. Volunteers could also lead different evangelism activities. Long term volunteers (4 – 12 months) can broaden their experience and responsibilities, for example as receptionist or as supervisor in our cleaning program.

Our volunteer staff members work about five and a half hours a day: at reception, in the café or as cleaner supervisor. The café is where light meals, drinks, and snacks are prepared and served, as well as a place where the staff help to promote a clean and comfortable atmosphere. During daily shifts there are many opportunities to reach out and engage in conversation with guests.