Gap Year abroad
Start dates

Start dates

The starting and ending dates of our Christian volunteer opportunities are:

  • June 1st 2018 (only a few places left, required stay is at least 3 months)
  • July 1st 2018 (only a few places left)
  • August 1st 2018 (only a few places left!)
  • September 1st 2018
  • December 1st 2018
  • January 1st 2019
  • March 1st 2019
  • May 1st 2019
  • June 1st 2019

Read this before you apply

Our volunteers often want to extend their stay after a few months of serving at the Shelter. So if you already know that you have the time, please consider staying longer on forehand… You won’t regret!

Ideally, we would like people to serve for 3 months or longer. In summer we also offer a few short term volunteer opportunities. The length of your volunteering time depends on the country you come from (or where you have a passport from). Discover by answering the following questions if you need a visa or working holiday permit and which application procedure fits to your country and situation.

Do you have a passport from one of the EU-countries or Switzerland? (with the exception of Croatia)

Yes, my passport is from the EU or Switserland



We are looking forward to your application!

Want to do your internship at the Shelter?

If you want to do your christian internship at the Shelter, you can send your application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The dates of your internship can be flexible.

Do you want more information about our internship opportunities, then go to our section Christian internship.