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Gap Year Before College

Gap Year Before College

Studies show that students who take a gap year before college consistently perform better than students who go into college immediately upon graduating high school.

Studies Show That Students Who Take A Gap Year Before College...

“... feel more confident about their chosen studies. There has been research that shows that those who take a gap year before college have greater success than their counterparts. They usually stick with their original field of study more often than students who go straight into university and do not take time to truly consider what field they want to go into.”

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering A Gap Year Before College

1. Ask yourself what you want to gain from your gap year

When considering a gap year before college, ask yourself what you want to gain from your gap year. What kind of work would you like to do? What field of study are you interested in, and what kind of opportunities are available that can help further your interests? Are you most passionate about making new friends, learning a new culture or language, or learning practical skills? These questions can help you decide what kind of a gap year would work best for you.

2. Talk to your mentors, teachers, or parents

Talk to the people who know you and understand you - oftentimes, such people provide invaluable insight into your life, and they can help you figure out if you should take a gap year before college However, keep in mind that this stage of your life is all about the balance between independence and dependence.

3. Consult your financial status

Maybe you’ve been working these last few years, or maybe you need to work for an income. In either case, don’t forget to plan out your finances for the next year when considering a gap year before college. Remember, most people underestimate how much they will spend, and you want to be prepared financially to start college after your gap year!

4. Pray about taking a gap year

When considering a gap year before college, don’t forget to seek God and listen if He’s calling you somewhere in particular. A gap year before college is the perfect time to get in some ministry training and service to God. For example, The Shelter Ministry in Amsterdam are all about preparing young people to live in Christian community and spread the Gospel.

What better way is there to prepare for college than to learn how to share your faith and get rooted in your relationship with God?

Do you want to Take a Gap Year Before College?

If you think a gap year before college might be right for you, you should definitely check out our mission opportunities. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!